What goes OUT OF BOUNDS next?

Times listed are for UTC-04:00 (New York/Miami). Ephemeris files used for time/date listings are from one or more of the following: Astro Gold, Astro-Seek, Astrodienst.

13 September 2021 05:38 – 16 September 2021 18:35

14°47′ ♐ – 04°07′ ♒

2 December 2021 18:48 – 28 December 2021 13:27
13°04′ ♐ – 23°22′ ♑

9 October 2021 22:57 – 7 December 2021 18:42
02°53′ ♐ – 23°59′ ♑

12 January 2022 23:19 – 10 February 2022 13:56
21°46′ ♐ – 12°34′ ♑

5 October 2055 – 18 Oct 2055
00°50′ ♑ – 02°33′ ♑

15 July 2031 04:50 – 22 January 2032 02:32
24°48′ ♊ – 23°50′ ♊

31 August 2025 06:37 – 20 November 2025 02:43
01°47′ ♒ – 01°41 ♒

19 March 2022 11:38 – 9 August 2022 15:11
09°14′ ♊ – 07°38′ ♌

3 November 2022 23:09 – 7 February 2023 23:29
22°55′ ♋ – 10°49′ ♋

27 February 2024 20:16 – 8 June 2024 04:32
23°05′ ♊ – 25°04′ ♋

Note: Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron do not go out of bounds.

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M. M. Kelly 2021

The Astrology of Hellier ~ part V

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Pan, Asteroids, and More Synchronicity

Chris: “The name given to these celestial bodies that are newly discovered does have sort of symbolic meaning or synchronistic connection with its actual meaning in astrology, right?”

Demetra: “Yes and that’s one of the places astrology becomes like so weird.”

The Astrology Podcast episode #242 Asteroids, with Demetra George

The cosmos is mirrored in the daily lives of us earthlings according to the concept familiar to many occultists, “as above, so below”. The archetypal dramas of the Sun, Moon, and planets can all be seen in unique ways in each horoscope. A bonus of astrology today is that we can also easily see over 22,000 different asteroids in our charts as well. With that many different named asteroids, the chances of there being one with your name or city are rather high. Demetra George, author of the ground-breaking work “Asteroid Goddesses”, has shown that there are curious coincidences to be found by seeing where asteroids with names personal to you show up in your chart.

A personal example: I first got interested in Wicca and Witchcraft when I was 13. The God and Goddess I was initially drawn to and most resonated with were Pan and Isis. There are named asteroids for both of these deities: Pan (4450) and Isis (40). It turns out the asteroid Pan is conjunct my natal Sun and the asteroid Isis is exactly conjunct my Midheaven. Two very important areas of my chart!

So of course I had to see if there were any Hellier-related asteroids and sure enough, there are:

Pan (4450)
Terry (21952)
Allen (19727)
Amy (3375)
Conard (24334)
Tyler (113333)
Closest one to Dana is Danae (61)
Closest to Greg is Gregory (2527)
Closest to Connor is Conners (13700)
Closest to Hellier is Heller (276975)
There are several Karl-adjacent asteroids in astrodienst‘s list, but I couldn’t settle on one to pick (also astrodienst only allows up to 10 additional asteroids at a time in a chart) so I didn’t include one for Karl. Sorry, Karl.

I pulled up a chart for both seasons 1 and 2 on astrodienst then plugged in the numbers for these asteroids to see how they showed up. One of the first things I noticed was how Gregory (2527) and Danae (61) are right next to each other, within just about 3°, in BOTH the charts for season 1 and 2. Right away the celestial mirroring is remarkably apparent!

Another fascinating thing about the placements of Greg and Dana’s asteroids is their aspects to Pan (4450). In the chart for season 1, Gregory (2527) and Danae (61) are in a trine aspect with Pan (4450). This shows that the energies are freely flowing from the house of partnerships (7th house Scorpio) to the house of alliances and good spirit (11th house Pisces). In this season Greg, Dana, and the team put a lot of emotional energy into following up on leads (Scorpio) that are very hard to pin down and end up revealing more questions than answers. The team realizes they’re dealing with something that seems much greater than themselves and unites many different fields (Pisces).

In the chart for Season 2, Gregory (2527) and Danae (61) are in a sign-based opposition with Pan (4450) indicating a self-other relationship. In this season Greg, Dana, and the crew end up attempting to intentionally invoke Pan himself. Pan (4450) is once again in the 11th house of friends and good spirit, but this time in Cancer instead of Pisces. Gregory (2527) and Danae (61) are together below the horizon in Capricorn, the sign associated with Pan. Greg and Dana were literally underground in Pan’s realm trying to come face to face with him, however he chose to manifest.

Pan (4450) is also closely aspecting Pluto, lord of the underworld, in both charts. In the chart for season 1, Pan is in a sextile relationship with Pluto, indicating an excitable flow of energy offering opportunities for deep transformation. In season 2, Pan (4450) is in an opposition with Pluto, once again indicating a tense and deeply transformative self-other relationship. To me this looks like the team’s initiation and approaching the phenomena head on.

How exactly do these synchronicities in astrology work? I honestly have no idea. I don’t think anyone really does. Are they the same sort of synchronicities inherent in the Hellier phenomena? Maybe..?

Do any of these asteroids show up in your chart in interesting ways? Is there an asteroid with your name on it? Have you found any other high-strangeness or Hellier-related asteroids in astrodienst? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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Where to learn more about DECLINATION in Astrology

** = personal favorites

[NEW! Also beginner friendly!] ** Mars Out of Bounds with Tony Howard and Jessica Lanyadoo

Out of Bounds Planets with Tony Howard and Stormie Grace

Intro to Out of Bounds Planets by Tony Howard

Mars Out of Bounds – Tony Howard

Mars Out of Bounds – Ross O’Brien

** Declination: The Other Dimension – Kt Boehrer

Introduction to Declination #1 by Kt Boehrer

Delving into Declination #2 and #3 – Kt Boehrer (Scribd)

Long Q & A from Kt Boehrer on OOB Planets

** Beyond the Solstice by Declination – Leigh Westin (Scribd)

Declination Charts – A New Way of Using Old Techniques; Part 1 – Bette Denlinger (Scribd)

Declination – AstroWiki

Declination – Wikipedia

Out of Bounds Planets – AstroWiki

Declination Matters, OOB and 3D Astrology by Astrid Fallon (ISAR webinar)

When they go out of limits – Jelena Lemot (ISAR webinar)

The Progressed Moon in Declination – Karen Christino (Scribd)

** What is Declination by David Cochrane

Interpretation of Out of Bounds Planets by David Cochrane

Out of Bounds Planets by Oak Astrology

** Out of Bounds Planets and Racial Justice by Oak Astrology

These next two books I have not read yet, but intend to asap:

Declination in Astrology by Paul Newman

Declinations by Joseph Silveira DeMello

Saturn Stations Direct

At 00:11 eastern 29 September 2020 Saturn stations direct and slowly begins its journey out of Capricorn, wrapping up its time there for the next 30 years.

When a planet stations either direct or retrograde, the planet’s proper motion appears to be completely still in the sky. In the outer world this corresponds with things being in a standstill. On the inner, subjective level when Saturn stations, can feel like a period of intense stuckness and melancholy.

Saturn has been known for thousands of years as the planet of limits and endings because for most of human history, this was the farthest planet we could observe with the naked eye. Today we have the ability to see further, but those millennia of empirical observations still hold true as this planet still represents, astrologically; endings and finality, but also mastery and maturity.

Capricorn is one of Saturn’s domiciles along with Aquarius. In Capricorn Saturn brings our attention to the structures in our lives that shape our experiences. In the physical body Saturn represents bones and teeth. In the outer world it represents governmental structures and hard work that cannot be avoided. Think major life lessons and milestones in development. Saturn has been hanging out with Pluto for some time now (complete transformation) and in the US it is painfully obvious that we are all experiencing a complete breakdown in all of the structures that our society was built on. This process is not something that wraps up overnight. Saturn, the original time lord, takes TIME.

Every 29.5 years Saturn makes a full revolution around the Sun. When we turn 29-30 Saturn returns to the same position it was when you were born. These Saturnian themes become very evident at that age, then again around age 60 and 90. This year happens to be my first Saturn return and lemme tell ya, its been HARD. I feel like I have been slowly rebuilding my entire existence down to the very atoms that shape me. I have been learning how to parent myself and take responsibility for implementing structure in my life where there was none throughout my childhood and adolescence. This year has been one of great stillness and often crushing anxiety, but one nice thing about being an Astrologer is knowing that this wave, like all others, will inevitably pass, and will leave me much stronger and wiser than before.

Do you have Saturn in Capricorn or Aquarius in your natal chart? What was your #saturnreturn like? How are you doing now? 

Some Other Sphere

I am delighted to announce that I had the pleasure of being a guest on Rick Palmer’s Some Other Sphere podcast where I talked about my work in Hellier as well as some key concepts in astrology in general. If you are interested in learning more about astrology I recommend giving this episode a listen and checking out the show notes where I have a list of resources for beginners.

If you want to know more about my work in Hellier or learn about how astrology can give context to bizarre phenomenon then this episode is definitely for you!

Check it out here: Some Other Sphere Episode 41 – Maighdlin Kelly – Key concepts in Astrology

If you enjoyed the episode please show Rick some love by giving it a like and a share. Thank you for listening! ❤

Bigfoot gallivanting through the zodiac: a (weird) astrological look at John Gardner’s Grendel

*** There will be spoilers! ***

When I first read Grendel by John Gardner back in high school I was mostly bored by it. Maybe even a little disturbed at times. I never expected to read it again, but as fate would have it, this peculiar novel made its way back into my life fifteen years later. This time however, it was my partner who read it and pointed out that each of the twelve chapters seemed to correspond to the signs of the zodiac. So I read it again and sure enough, the symbols were there plain as day.

It got weirder though. Another curious theme I noticed while rereading this book is that Grendel – of Denmark’s Beowulf legend – seemed to be strikingly similar to how Bigfoot has been described by thousands of people in North America. The following two quotes especially stood out:

“Except for his thanes’ occasional stories of seeing my footprints, he’d probably forgotten by then that I’d existed.”

page 30

“…screaming like a thousand hurricanes, eyes as bright as dragonfire… big trees shattered and fell from her path; the earth trembled”

page 27

While the theme of each of the twelve chapters corresponds to the twelve signs of the zodiac, the most obvious references to zodiacal imagery can often be seen right in the beginning of each chapter. The images of the zodiac are invoked, especially with the bestial signs:

Chapter 1 ♈ Aries: “The first grim stirrings of springtime come (as I knew they must, having seen the ram).” page 8

Chapter 2 ♉ Taurus: “Then, some thirty feet away, there was a bull. He stood looking at me with his head lowered, and the world snapped into position around him, as if in league with him.” page 19

Chapter 8 ♏ Scorpio: “And so I watch in glee – they take in Hrothulf; quiet as the moon, sweet scorpion, he sits between their two and sharpens his knives.” page 113

One quote in particular sums up the combination of these two seemingly totally disconnected themes of Bigfoot and astrology. In the fifth chapter corresponding to Leo, Grendel converses with the dragon. During this exchange the dragon speaks of Grendel/Bigfoot’s purpose:

“You improve them, my boy! …you make them think and scheme… you are, so to speak, the brute existent by which they learn to define themselves”

Chapter 5 ♌ page 46

Monsters on earth and stars in the sky have have both played instrumental roles in humanity’s search for meaning and context within the bizarre and beautiful existence that is life. Grendel struggled dramatically throughout the book to find meaning for himself, even looking up to the stars like humans do, but without any culture, history, or ancestral knowledge he ultimately found himself flailing blindly through the darkness.

“Stars, spattered out through… torments my wits toward meaningful patterns that do not exist”

page 11

Monsters like Grendel give humans the creative drive to keep “scheming”, but we also have many millennia worth of oral and written history relating to the natural rhythms of the heavens and their relationship to our earthly existence. We all have our own bestial nature, but unlike Grendel, humans also have a remarkable gift for storytelling that helps us to work with our natures instead of against them.

The Astrology of Hellier ~ part IV

Season 2 release date

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Hellier S1 release date chart in part I here.

* Spoilers ahead so be sure to check out season 2 here. *

All of this watery, earthy, and fiery energy combined to create an emotionally gripping season that terrifies as much as it inspires.

The story of this chart takes us down to the underworld.

The Sun – the light, life, and people in charge – is directly underground. Jupiter – ruler of expansion – is also underground and right at home in Sagittarius. This sets the stage for a huge spiritual quest, pilgrimage, or other sacred adventure (Jupiter/Sagittarius) dealing with personal power (Sun), and done privately with trusted people who are like family (4th house).


Most of the planets are below the horizon in this chart including the planets with the strongest roles and most impact on the chart. The Sun, Moon, inner planets, and Ascendant ruler are all in the subjective, hidden realms. This represents the profound inner journeys the crew found themselves swept up in this season. Above the horizon we only see Neptune (hypnotists, mystics, obfuscation) and Uranus (magicians, astrologers, sudden disruptions).

The Ascendant of the chart is at 5° Virgo in a grand earth trine with Venus in 5th house Capricorn and Uranus in 9th house Taurus. All of this earth energy reflects the focus this season had on the land itself with everything from faces in trees to underground ritual magick to deep woods helicopter pursuits. The Ascendant ruler, Mercury, being in Scorpio along with Mars, added to the psychodrama and kept everyone venturing further away from their comfort zones.

Another peculiarity of this chart is the distinct lack of air. The only placement in an air sign is the Midheaven – the middle of the sky – in Gemini, but it’s ruler is submerged in the depths of Scorpio. All of this watery, earthy, and fiery energy combined to create an emotionally gripping season that terrifies as much as it inspires.

One way the Gemini Midheaven presents itself is seen by the affect this season has on many viewers. After the initiation of season two the viewer is often left with a tremendous amount of curiosity and a distinct passion to embark on their own high strange adventure.

There will almost certainly be more to the Hellier story revealed in the future because of how many people are now adding their own chapters to it.

In the next article we’ll explore asteroids, synchronicities, Pan, and how everything above and below is connected.

Stay tuned and stay weird ❤


The Astrology of Hellier ~ part III



The Terry Wriste email

[part 0] [part I] [part II]

… like driving around aimlessly in a dense fog with only a vague notion that you’re moving forward.

This chart represents the moment the first Terry Wriste email was sent to Greg Newkirk. Right away I notice the majority of the planets are above the horizon (lots of actors on stage) and indeed this email initiated plenty of activity out in the world. Mercury, lord of communication, happens to be the ruler of the ascendant, the horizon at that particular time. This reflects the focus of the chart involving communication and information. What sort of information? To find out, we look to where Mercury is in the chart, which in this case is in the 10th house Pisces.

Mercury likes data and specifics, but Pisces is all about squishy togetherness; it is largely disinterested in the separation inherent in Mercury’s goal of categorizing and sorting. Mercury can achieve that goal much more easily in Virgo, the sign opposite Pisces. In the chart discussed in Part II, Mercury was in Virgo and the message involved a very specific tweet about a specific article on a specific case. In this chart however, Mercury – the message – was totally cryptic and it’s author some nebulous, unseen entity.

While our hero Mercury may be a little confused, they aren’t alone as Mercury is in a stellium with the Moon, Chiron, Mars, and Neptune. Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces can feel like driving around aimlessly in a dense fog with only a vague notion that you’re moving forward. All of these planets together in Pisces does look to me like the Hellier crew literally driving around together on a very strange and far-reaching journey.


That squishy togetherness is not all that easygoing in this chart however. Saturn in Scorpio is aspecting the entire Pisces stellium by trine while in a not-so-subtle sextile to Pluto which adds a distinct intensity and sense of dread as all sorts of spooky lore is dug up.

Saturn is also ruling over the Sun’s position in Aquarius so this adds a heavier feel to the information that is brought to light. Saturn requires patience and perseverance and this can be seen in the many evidence boards full of clues roped together, the endless piles of obscure books, and the sheer amount of dedication from the crew’s years of investigating that followed.

So who is Terry Wriste and what do you think all of this will eventually lead to?

In the next article we’ll see what we can uncover in the chart for Season 2. Stay tuned and stay weird ❤




The Astrology of Hellier ~ part II

Karl and the Planet Weird Tweet Synchronicity

[part 0] [part 1]

*** Some spoilers ahead so be sure to check out S1E1 first! ***

In the beginning of Hellier Season 1 episode 1 Karl Pfeiffer describes the startling coincidences he experienced while listening to Euphomet’s podcast episode on the Kentucky goblin case with Greg Newkirk. Moments after tweeting about the episode, Planet Weird tweeted out an article on the very same case. Karl assumed this was intentionally done, but in fact, the tweet was automatically generated out of 1700 possible articles. This string of remarkably specific synchronicities led Karl to start feeling “supernaturally called” to the case.

Within the first six minutes of watching that episode I felt just as “supernaturally called” to the case, or maybe it was to the phenomena itself. Being an astrologer presented with a time-date-location combo on screen, I instinctively pulled up a chart to see what that sort of coincidence looked like in the stars. I figured, if it was so interesting as a “below” mundane event, maybe it would be just as intriguing reflected in the heavens “above”.


Right away I noticed the mix of planets above and below the horizon with the Sun near the midheaven just like in the chart for the release date of season 1. Most of the planets are underground reflecting the inner experience of the synchronicity. Above the horizon – where things are objectively seen and experienced – is the Sun at 18° Virgo in the 11th house of friends.

I can clearly see how this experience must have felt unusually shocking and how it initiated such a grand and bizarre adventure.

The life of this chart is seen in the details (Virgo) of the message (Mercury) relating to friends and allies. Mercury is strongly placed in Virgo and the message was very clear and specific. Mercury being in a trine aspect with Pluto in the 3rd house of communication reinforces the powerful affect this message had.

The Ascendant at 28° Scorpio represents the moment the synchronicity was experienced by Karl. Mars, the natural ruler of Scorpio, is in Sagittarius in the 2nd house of values. This suggests this moment influenced the beginning (Mars) of a difficult and long-term (conjunct Saturn) adventure (Sagittarius). This also reflects how everyone called to the case uses what they have (2nd house) and what they know best to contribute their own unique perspective and findings.

One other detail I find especially interesting about this chart is that Mars is out of bounds which means by declination it is beyond the reach of the sun, the big boss of the solar system. Mars rules assertion, action, and drive (literally and metaphorically) and the out of bounds condition inclines toward being highly energized and extraordinary. Since Mars is the ruler of the Ascendant, the moment of the synchronicity, I can clearly see how this experience must have felt unusually shocking and how it initiated such a grand and bizarre adventure.

What else do you see in this chart?

In the next article we’ll explore another Mercury/message-related incident. Stay tuned and stay super weird ❤



The Astrology of Hellier ~ part I

[part 0 introduction here]

The chart for the official release of Hellier season one has the Sun at 28° Capricorn in a helluva stellium with Pluto, Mercury, the south node, the midheaven degree, and Saturn – who is at home and overseeing the activities of all the planets in this sign. Right away I can tell this chart represents something very old, very secret, and surprisingly pervasive.


Saturn being the planet of hesitation, fear, and mastery being right on the midheaven degree – the most publicly obvious part of the chart – and square to Mars in the house of self-undoing immediately reminds me of all sorts of hero stories about a descent to the underworld. Mars wants to be direct – normally in Aries, where it is at home and comfortable, it can – however, in the 12th house of liminality and in a frustrating square aspect to Saturn, Mars is forced into a position of only being able to move forward through surrender.

…this chart represents something very old, very secret, and surprisingly pervasive

Thankfully for Mars, he is in a helpful trine aspect to Jupiter – at home in Sagittarius – along with Venus, another lovely benefic. Jupiter in Sagittarius is adventurous and then some. With Venus there is an added fondness and love for the journey. Through these planets Mars finds plenty of energy and enthusiasm to keep going despite the unending roadblocks provided by Saturn. Venus and Jupiter in the 8th house of death and transformation shows us the good fortune and enthusiasm will be most obvious in the realm of death, rebirth, other people’s resources, and personal transformation.

Venus also happens to be the ruler of the Ascendant for this chart. The Ascendant and Venus in this chart represents the series itself. When the series was released, the tropical sign of Taurus was on the horizon. Venus, the natural ruler of Taurus, is also the planet of love. Being with Jupiter in the 8th house represents how the fans of this series largely adore it and are very enthusiastic about it. The series seems to have a distinctly mutable-fire affect of inspiring people to set off on their own investigations. Season two even features a lot of these people who have done just that.

What else do you see in this chart?

In the next post I will go over my interpretation of a chart for one of the first synchronicities mentioned in the series. Stay tuned and stay weird ❤